Are we


We are a bunch of misfits.

Misfits, because we believe we can make the world a better place by designing learning solutions that are sensible,
effective, and truly holistic. Utopian, you say? Not really!

With core expertise in learning design, and ever-evolving technology to aid us, we believe learning can be a
knowledgeable, enjoyable, and exciting journey. Yes, we believe good learning can be created, and we believe we can change the world – one learning nugget at a time!

Does that make us dreamers? Absolutely not! Our core team has stumbled through the maze of complexities
involved with learning that works – the over-100 years of collective experience stands testimony to that.
We come from varied backgrounds – ranging from X to Y – yet, what binds us together is our singular
goal to create learning solutions that are good, and that stick with the learners.

We walk
our talk!